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Alpenrose 2020 Schedule September 18, 19, 20, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Oktoberfest at the LK October 3, Saturday – Cockeysville, MD November 21, Saturday – Alpenrose Stiftungsfest at the LK Alpenrose 2021 Schedule January 15 th – Spaghetti Dinner January 16 th – Mid Atlantic Meeting March 7 th – Cabbage Hill Day (Kinder and Adult) March 13 th – Bockbierfest (Alpenrose host and Auerhahn dances) March 21 st – Student Day (Kinder and Adults) April 10 th – Alpenrose Yard Sale May 8 th – Maifest (Kinder and Adults) June 5 th – Kinderfest (we are hosting) June 11 th and 12 th – Sommerfest July 8 th – 11 th – Gaufest (Atlantic City) September 17 th – 19 th – Oktoberfest November 20 th - Stiftungsfest December 12 th – Christkindle Market

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Alpenrose Schuhplattler Verein

Schuhplattling: Nothing is more recognized throughout the world nor more representative of Bavaria and the Austrian Tyrol than Schuhplattler dancing. Schuhplattling, which literally translates to shoe-slapping, can be traced back to the 11th-14th century. It is considered a mimic of the male Auerhahn bird who courts the female by flapping his wings and kicking up his feet around a circle. The woman plays her part by spinning, as a way to challenge the man. Indeed, it is difficult for the man to catch the woman to waltz with him. The Tracht (formal dress-wear) worn by the men and women dancers has remained unchanged, for the most part, for over 200 years. The Lancaster Alpenrose Schuhplattler Verein performs a variety of folk dances from both Germany and Austria. Adults and children of all ages participate in these dances. The group performs at our 2 annual fest fundraisers: Sommerfest (2nd weekend in June), Oktoberfest (3rd weekend in September), and also at most scheduled club events.
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Alpenrose  Schuhplattler Verein